Consultation Services

Architecture ▪ Design ▪ Alliance is available for consultation services to administrative, architectural, engineering, and construction entities in need of specialized project experience.

We provide guidance in planning and development for any phase or aspect of a project, including planning, design, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, IT systems, and security. Our roles and services include study generation, test fitting, and pre-design reporting as well as the following services:

Equipment Planning

In preparation for the placement of special equipment, we’ll perform field surveying of existing equipment as well as the documentation of new equipment required by the project. This survey includes the planning and incorporation of equipment utilities and other infrastructure systems (e.g., IT networks) as well as user interviews to ensure the optimal use and placement of each system.

Owner / User Interviews

We’ll interview facilitators, key decision makers, and lab users to gain a full understanding of project needs on a room-by-room basis. This information is then employed as a programming tool from which to generate schematic designs of the proposal—allowing for significant savings and efficiency by allocating the placement of special equipment prior to the schematic phase as opposed to reclaiming adjacent space later on.

Provisional Analysis

Our facilities planner will administer “existing peer lab type” reviews for use as a baseline when comparing project use and efficiency against the standards of the peer marketplace. This intel guides facilitators in their needs reporting while assisting grant writers in the assessment of facility capital outlays, research expenditures, grant-dollars-per-assignable-space studies, overhead rates, and operational reports.

Peer Review

As a “last-chance review,” our experts will inspect all drawings and specifications with respect to general design, quality control, and constructability and an eye to catch potential errors or omissions.

Functional and Technical Criteria Reports

For design teams and trade coordination, we author customized “Basis of Design Guideline Standards” reports to aid in programming. In conjunction, we’ll also generate individual “Room Data Collection” documents for every type of lab and hospital room across a project in order to standardize cross-platform design guidance.

Construction Documentation

We’ll provide a complete set of construction documents that includes fit-out information illustrating the placement (and requirements) of laboratory casework, fixtures, fixed equipment, and special equipment.

Specification Writing

In compliance with CSI format, we’ll provide specifications for all laboratory casework (wood and metal), exhaust equipment, biosafety equipment, special lab and vivarium equipment, controlled environmental rooms (walk-in boxes), and all other laboratory / hospital equipment.

Contract Administration

Available either in conjunction with our comprehensive Healthcare / Research services or as a separate service, we provide a full range of contract administration services including:

  • Discipline Coordination
  • Document Checking
  • Agency Reviews
  • Shop Drawing and Submittal Reviews
  • Construction Field Observation
  • Supplemental Documentation
  • Quotation Requests and Change Orders
  • Construction Cost Accounting
  • Project Closeout services